Welcome to Southern Crescent Equine Services! We look forward to servicing your needs as you embark on your new purchase.

We offer many levels of pre- purchase exams to choose from.

The basic pre-purchase exam is $313 and includes a clinical exam consisting of:

  • Heart and respiration rate, at rest and after exercise
  • Temperature
  • Eye and dental exam
  • A thorough lameness exam which also includes:
  • Flexions
  • Palpation of flexor tendons
  • Hoof testing
  • Neurological Exam.
  • Upon request a written report of the findings will be provided
There will be a clinic fee or farm call fee based upon the location of the Prepurchase.

Additional Options Include:

  • Blood pulled and held for a drug screen (blood held for 6 months & then discarded unless you ask us to send it to the lab) $17
  • Comprehensive drug screen- $390 + shipping
  • X-rays are $49 per view; most joints require 4 views.
  • Both front feet- $392
  • Both Hocks-$392
  • Stifles are 3 views each, costing $294
  • The back- $196
  • Cervical spine- $196
  • Each fetlock- $196

We require a credit card on file that will be charged on completion of the examination. If you move forward with the purchase, we will need an email from the previous owner and you, notifying us so we can transfer ownership to you.

Thank you for entrusting our practice on your new equine purchase.

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